Litigation & Arbitration

The Firm’s Litigation practice is focused on Insurance, Banking, Consumer, Criminal and Real Estate Disputes including Joint Venture Disputes, Contractual Disputes (Commercial contracts, Licensing contracts, Project contracts, Construction contracts, Real Estate contracts, Asset and Business Transfer contracts and other Commercial contracts and arrangements), and Constitutional matters affecting client’s business and general interests.Pearl Attorneys provides assistance in mediation and settlement processes between parties.

We and our associated law firm handle matters before the courts, quasi-judicial authorities, and tribunals including High Court of various States; District Courts; Electricity Regulatory Authorities and Appellate Authorities; Motor Accident Claim Tribunals; and Consumer Forum.

Pearl Attorneys can efficiently manage your cumbersome case management tasks that have to be taken care of in any lawsuit. Our services also include:

  • Drafting complaints, petitions, suits and summons.
  • Drafting responsive pleadings and answers
  • Drafting correspondences
  • Maintaining your calendar

The main areas of law wherein PA offers litigation services are:

  • Civil Litigation>>We deal with all kinds of civil matters. Matters related to property law, family law, Consumer law & Claim related laws etc.
  • Criminal Litigation>>Matters related to all areas in criminal law are dealt with by Pearl Attorneys.
  • Corporate Litigation>>We handle all matters related to corporate law. We handle all issues in corporate law from issues related to Commercial Disputes, Company Law, Taxation and Employment & Labour Laws etc.
  • Insurance Litigation>>We deal with all kinds of Insurance related litigation.
  • Dispute Resolution processes >>We are actively engaged in other Dispute Resolution processes such as domestic Arbitrations. We advise clients on strategies and mediations.