Insurance & Motor Vehicle Laws

Pearl Attorneys is involved in the field of insurance and consultancy services from its inception in 2011 and providing the services to the several Insurance companies and individual clients.


The Firm providing services to insurance companies regarding insurance litigation at various levels viz. Motor Accidental Claims Tribunals (MACT), Consumer forum, Workman/Employee Compensation (WC) and High Courts etc.


The Firm possesses vast experience in the insurance sector. As part of its insurance experience, the Firm has advised and is advising Insurance Brokers, Investigators, agents and private clients.

Claim Assistance

Pearl Attorneys provides claim’s assistance for the clients. With years of experience in all types of claims viz. medical claims, Motor claims, Marine Claims, MACT, WC & PA etc we are your armour, stepping in as needed to resolve problems and facilitate claims payment. Pearl Attorneys help ensure client to receive all the insurance benefits to which you are entitled. Pearl Attorneys are committed to guide its clients through the right process so that clients don't suffer.