Property Management Services

Pearl Attorneys provides the services to Drafting and Registration of Property documents. We draft and get registered documents with the concerned Registrar Office. Generally, the service involves the drafting and registration of combination of documents viz. Sale / Conveyance Deed, Agreement to Sell, Power of Attorney, Will, Rectification Deed, Lease Deed, Rent Deed, Gift Deed, Partition Deed, Trust Deed, Release Deed etc.

We are familiar with all aspects of property development, sales, acquisitions, leases, and provisions of security involved in financing transactions so we assist our real estate clients well and be free from all legal hurdles and provide a practical approach to solving their problems.

We handle legalities of project approval, Housing loan, Loan Against Property & other type of cases in which mortgage is involved, we provide services to get allotment letters, Conducting Due -Diligence for Builders & Developers.

We are in deep into real estate services including:

  • Property sale-purchase agreements
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Builder-developer-landlord agreements
  • Contractor-developer agreements
  • Drafting bylaws of apartment owners / societies
  • Apartment buyers’ agreements
  • Allotment letters, sale deed, lease deed etc. along with stamp duty / tax advisory with respect to such transactions
  • Strategic legal advice to property developers, property owners and government undertakingand litigation related to that

Our network CA firm Vinod Singhal & Co. provides full of services related to finance to real estate sector.

Property Title Search & Due Diligence Reports

A title search report traces the history of a property - who was the original owner of the property and how it has moved hands over a period of time before reaching the present seller/owner. This is an important part of a housing loan and mortgage process. A title search report is prepared by an advocate, who after visiting the registrar's office, related offices and inspecting the property documents, issues a title certificate.

The theory behind due diligence holds that performing this type of investigation contributes significantly to informed decision making by enhancing the quantity and quality of information available to decision makers and by ensuring that this information is systematically used to deliberate in a reflexive manner on the decision at hand and all its costs, benefits, and risks.

Services under RERA

As per new RERA Act our expert team offer and advise for agent license and also prepare document for builder to get compulsorily registration certification of their project from concerning authority. And our advising team beyond the basic legal requiring, manage to get NOCfrom various departments.

We provides advise in relation to risk assessments, compliance of various environmental laws and obtaining permissions and approval from the concerned authorities and Consultation on tax planning in respect to the transactions development agreements, shareholders agreements, sale deed, lease deed etc. along with tax/stamp advisory with respect to such transactions, strategic legal advice to property developers, property owners and government undertaking.

Link : More on Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016