Civil Law

Our team expert has extensive experience in dealing with Civil Laws. our expertise very broadly, civil cases may involve such things as, for example, breach of contract claims, Equitable claims, Landlord/tenant issues, land, Breach of contract and other property related matters. Our area of practices is also extended to Rent Laws, Partition suits, other property related disputes. We provide accurate, authentic advice to our clients; our team has extensive experience in filing civil appeal, appeal before appellate authority, review and revision petition before High Court, District Court and other small courts.

Criminal Law

Our team is well versed with all kinds of criminal trial procedure, bail matters including anticipatory bails, Crime against the women, corruption matters (Prevention of Corruption Act), Criminal breach of trust, Criminal misappropriation of money, cheating, forgery etc. All services relating to anti-dowry laws which lead to criminal prosecution of the husband, in-laws etc. is provided by us through highly experienced Criminal lawyers. Our law firm handles Criminal appeals, Criminal revisions, Criminal Misc. Petitions, Suspension of sentence Applications before the High Court and SLP before the Supreme Court ofIndia.

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